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Hello, We Are Above the Ashes Studios!

Welcome to Above the Ashes Studios! Our virtual studio is a brand new space for the pole dance community, and we're excited to build it together with you.

Hi, I'm Jennifer Franco, and I'm passionate about creating a welcoming and inclusive virtual pole dance community. I started this studio to help women of all ages and backgrounds stay connected to the pole dance world, even if they can't access a physical studio.

At Above the Ashes Studios, we're committed to making our virtual space as collaborative and community-driven as possible. We believe that the best way to create a space that truly meets the needs of our clients is to listen to their feedback and incorporate it into everything we do.

As a brand new studio, we're still in the process of building our programs and offerings, and we'd love your input along the way. We welcome your ideas, suggestions, and feedback, and we're committed to making sure that our virtual studio is the best it can be for all of our clients.

Thank you for considering Above the Ashes Studios for your pole dance journey, and we look forward to building this space together with you.

Jennifer Franco

Founder & CEO

Passionate about pole fitness and creating a supportive community for all. Join me on this journey at Above the Ashes Studios.

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