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How to Embrace the Good, Bad, and Ugly of Home Pole Dancing

Being a home poler can have its good, bad, and ugly moments, and I understand this firsthand. I've had the luxury of being able to pole both in a studio regularly and at home, and honestly, I love them both. However, I now find myself in the same category as so many of you - being part of a studio is simply not an option. Perhaps your local studios have closed down, or like me, you may have moved from the city, and the closest studio is not that close, not to mention the added expense and stress of transportation.

Home pole dancing always gave me the luxury of not having to worry about what others were doing, or if I was a little stinkier that day, or even the occasional fart that happens in the weirdest of moves (don't lie, it happens to all of us!). I also like the fact that if I throw on one of those songs - you know, the ones that always come on when you accidentally shuffle your songs but you don't admit to anyone that it's still on your playlist, and occasionally you DON'T hit skip (LOL) - you don't have to shy away, but instead have the luxury to indulge and be truly you.

The downfall of home poling is that you do lose a lot of that "pole jam feeling" - the one where you collectively stumble into new moves and transitions that lead to crazy cool, jaw-dropping combos that the audience loves. You also lose the luxury of a spotter. Oh yes, they may get a little too comfortable at times with those hands, but they save you from plummeting to the earth every time you mistakenly think "you got this."

But fear not! There are many ways to train to avoid these "oh shit" moments, and with a little research and creativity, you can find ways to overcome these challenges. I can personally tell you that husbands are not always the most reliable and often are too chicken to do it, for fear of being blamed for the imminent death that is about to happen.

Over the next few weeks, I hope to rehash what worked well in the past and what was not the most OSHA approved, as I hope to help so many of you who have asked "how do I even get into this pole stuff" to be able to experience this crazy community that has such a soft spot in my heart! XOXO.

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