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The Power of Doing What You Can with What You've Got: How Going Back to Basics Can Change Your Life

Have you ever found yourself in a tough spot where you felt like you didn't have the resources or the support to get through it? Maybe you felt like you were all alone, and no one could help you. I've been there too, and it can be tough. But I've learned that sometimes, all you can do is to do what you can with what you've got.

Let me share with you a personal story. My husband and I have been feeling financially strapped like never before. We realized that if we were struggling, it was because we weren't doing what we could with what we had. So, we decided to go back to basics and reevaluate our resources. We asked ourselves, "What can we do with what we've got?" It can be painful, yes, I know!

And you know what? Yes we cut back. Yes, we took on some side work. And we even had a yard sale to get rid of all those projects that are in the "when I have time" section. Did we make a ton? No, but it was not just about the money, it was taking action where we could in that moment. Life is presenting us, instead, with other ways to make revenue as a result of the people we met, but that is a rabbit hole for another blog. LOL

Take that over to the other passion weighing heavy on my heart... I have this crazy obsession with making the world a better place, leaving a legacy, and making my mark. And sometimes, it feels impossible. I think, "I'm not popular enough" or "I'm not famous." But what if I did what I can with what I have? What if I pushed my skills and talents to their limits and made the most of every opportunity? What could it become?

The same goes for you. It's easy to feel helpless when life gets tough. But instead of focusing on what you don't have, focus on what you do have. Go back to basics and reevaluate your resources. Sometimes, all it takes is a small action to make a big impact. And if you are struggling with how, ask a friend or a family member, just someone you trust. And who knows, maybe that small action could grow into something incredible. So, let's all commit to doing what we can with what we have and see where it takes us.

So, why am I sharing this with you? Because I want to inspire you to do the same. Sometimes, life can be tough, and it can feel like you're all alone. But you're not. You have skills and talents that can help those around you. You can do something, even if it's small.

Imagine what would happen if we all took a little time out of our day to help those around us. Imagine the impact we could have on our communities, our families, and our friends. We could change lives, and in turn, our lives could change for the better.

So, I challenge you to go back to basics and reevaluate your resources. Ask yourself, "What can I do with what I've got?" Use your skills and talents to help those around you. You never know how much of a difference you can make until you try. And who knows, it could be the start of a life-changing journey for you and those around you.


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